The contact lens market in 33 European countries rose by 8.8 percent in 2019 to €1,960 million, according to data released by Euromcontact, which represents the contact lens and lens care industry in Europe. On a comparable basis, the growth was limited at 4.3 percent, as the organization was not able to get data from all the countries for all the segments in both years. 

Russia registered the strongest growth in value, up by 115.2 percent, but comparable sales were only up by 7.1 percent. In the European Union, Switzerland and Norway, the market rose by 3.7 percent to €1,695 million. The U.K., combined with the Republic of Ireland, was the region’s main market with sales of €355 million, up by 5.4 percent. 

Daily disposable lenses represented 55.1 percent of the European market in 2019, reusable lenses 44.4 percent and conventional soft lenses 0.5 percent. Sales of daily disposable lenses rose by 13.7 percent, or by 5.2 percent on a comparable basis, and reusables by 3.4 percent. 

Sweden and Denmark were the countries with the highest penetration for contact lenses, with 14.7 percent of the people wearing them, followed by Norway at 11.1 percent. The 33 countries had 21.7 million contact lens wearers on aggregate, 5.7 percent more than in 2018. 

The European market for contact lens solutions amounted