Ørgreen and Claire Goldsmith signed up several new accounts at the recent International Vision Expo fair in New York, following the establishment of a joint new distribution company for the U.S. market, headed up by Matthew Reiss and called Ørgreen + Goldsmith. Our article about their new partnership in the last issue of Eyewear Intelligence contained some inaccuracies and made several points that deserve further clarification. The two brands did not show together at the fair, and they have no plans to develop specific styles for the American market, but will consider its requirements in the early design stages. To clarify the relationships among the different actors in a complex family saga: Claire Goldsmith, who sells Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses, is a great-granddaughter of (Philip) Oliver Goldsmith, who established the family's original business in 1926. She is a niece of (Andrew) Oliver Goldsmith, who has the rights for Oliver Goldsmith prescription frames. Claire Goldsmith has partnered with Ørgreen from Denmark, while her uncle has partnered - in different ways - with Fabris Lane.