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  • MPG doubles down in retail, taking over 177 Essilux shops

  • EssilorLuxottica divests shops in Italy, invests in Sweden

  • ZEISS reports record revenues in anniversary year

  • LVMH takes full control of Thélios

  • Synsam growth driven by subscription plans

  • Afflelou full year sales top 2019 level by 3%

  • The Vision Council

    U.S. market confirms its rebound in Q3


    According to The Vision Council’s most recent VisionWatch report, covering the third quarter of U.S. market, the 12 months preceding September 2021 suggest a solid recovery in eyewear revenues. Sales for the period reached $46.45 billion, up by 24 percent from the comparable period of 2020 and by 6.3 percent ...

  • stock-2463798_1920

    Top 5 eyewear companies’ stock prices up 4.6 % in Q4


    We are updating here our quarterly chart on the evolution of stock prices for the public companies in the eyewear market, including manufacturers, distributors or retailers of contact lenses, prescription lenses, eyeglasses and sunglasses. We are also publishing a ranking of these 22 companies based on their stock market value.

  • Vision Council

    U.S. market back over 2019 level in Q2


    The Vision Council has announced the release of its quarterly VisionWatch research report and disclosed some key figures and trends in the U.S. optical market for the second quarter of 2021.

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When the pandemic swept through Europe, Brussels-based eyewear sales manager Alexandra Macsimov decided to find online solutions. Brick-and-mortar showrooms were shuttered, which impacted customers in two main ways. Firstly, they were prevented from nipping into their local stores to try on different frames before buying…