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  • turnover-g01bb0c1ed_1920

    French industry survey shows double-digit inflation for raw materials

    2022-07-12T05:42:00+01:00By Pierre-Marie Bernard

    The prices of raw materials and consumables for the production of frames and lenses by French companies have increased in the double-digit range in recent years and are expected to keep rising quickly next year, according to a recent announcement by GIFO, the national eyewear industry association.


    Spain’s optical sector all but recovers in 2021


    Last year Spain’s optical sector managed to claw back most of the business that had slipped away during the pandemic. Revenues for the whole of 2021 increased by 20.36 percent, to €1.836 billion, but remained 1.8 percent shy of 2019’s figure. Revenues for the pandemic year of 2020 dropped by ...

  • stock-2463798_1920

    Eyewear companies stocks down by 17% in Q2

    2022-07-06T11:48:00+01:00By Pierre-Marie Bernard

    Contrary to other sectors such as energy, aerospace, defense or agriculture, which saw their stock value increase significantly in the last few months, the eyewear industry was not among the beneficiaries from the move of global money away from investments in Big Tech companies.

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  • CECOP De Contades

    M&A, organic growth, digital and training fuel CECOP Group

    2022-07-25T05:10:00+01:00By Pierre-Marie Bernard

    Just a few days after CECOP entered the German market through an agreement with Optic Society, we talked with Jean de Contades, global managing director of the fast-growing Spanish-based buying group.

  • EB-P07_Anke-PMGF_1028_RETOUCH

    Eschenbach launches online Academy to grow low vision segment

    2022-06-23T09:23:00+01:00By Pierre-Marie Bernard

    Eschenback Optik, a market leader in the low vision segment, is about to launch the Eschenbach Academy, a multilingual online training and information platform for eye care professionals (ECPs), but also for end consumers. In the words of Matthias Anke, managing director of the Optics division at Eschenbach, the move ...

  • Topology ecomm

    Topology rolls out its technology outside North America

    2022-06-07T08:38:00+01:00By Pierre-Marie Bernard

    At the last edition of the Mido show in Milan, Safilo and Topology, a Californian-based tech company, presented their jointly developed digital platform which was launched in the U.S. and Canada at the end of last year by the American subsidiary of the Italian group.

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