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  • ZVA 2022

    ZVA confirms German market rebound, but lack of opticians endures

    2022-05-25T06:52:00+01:00By Pierre-Marie Bernard

    The Zentralverband der Augenoptiker und Optometristen (ZVA), the German association of opticians and optometrists, has released its annual report on the German market for 2021. The results are based on data collected from its members but also from other market players, associations and research companies.

  • pexels-karolina-grabowska-5201879

    Child-myopia awareness on the rise in France, survey says


    A recent survey by the French Association for Eyesight Improvement (AsnaV) and OpinionWay suggests that close to half of the French population suffer from myopia as 48 percent of the 1,057 surveyed people said they felt some discomfort for long-distance vision. 

  • markus-winkler-IrRbSND5EUc-unsplash

    Italian eyewear recovery driven by eyeglasses’ frames

    2022-05-03T05:20:00+01:00By Pierre-Marie Bernard

    The 2021 Italian eyewear report by ANFAO published ahead of the Mido show conveyed a sense of relief after a strong rebound of production and exports last year, but also serious concerns for the future, directly and indirectly linked to the war in Ukraine.

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EDM Sustainable Business 2022

C-Suite Interviews

  • Anders Hedegaard_CEO_Rodenstock

    Rodenstock adds M&A to technology in growth mix

    2022-05-26T02:24:00+01:00By Pierre-Marie Bernard

    “We are targeting to outgrow the optical market by two to three times with organic growth, but we are also looking at possible acquisitions to enter new markets,” Anders Hedegaard, CEO of the Rodenstock Group, told us as we were concluding our interview a few days ago, right after the ...

  • lentesplus_og-image

    Lentesplus raises $9m for development in LATAM

    2022-05-10T02:53:00+01:00By Pierre-Marie Bernard

    Lentesplus, a Bogota-based company specializing in online retail of contact lenses, raised $9 million last month in order to further expand its footprint in Latin America as well as to accelerate its transition to a vertically-integrated omnichannel business model and to develop its eyeglasses’ catalog.

  • Out of

    Out Of to accelerate optical distribution


    Out Of has signed a sponsorship deal with Paolo Bettini, the former professional cyclist, who was Olympic champion at the 2004 games in Athens and back-to-back world champion in 2006 and 2007. Bettini will be wearing the brand’s eyewear throughout the 2022 season.