What were the volumes and values of ophthalmic lenses and ophthalmic frames sold worldwide in 2021?

What’s included in the study:

  • SWV have taken a deep look at 70 countries, which make up 95% of the total worldwide Gross Domestic Product.
  • Ophthalmic lenses have been researched by design, material and add-ons.
  • To calculate the number of ophthalmic frames sold SWV take the total number of ophthalmic lenses sold and reduce this figure by breakages and returns by the optician and reglazing.
  • SWV are of the opinion that using ophthalmic lens sales is a good method to estimate the total sell-out of ophthalmic frames to the consumer.
  • Ophthalmic frames sales have been split by price points to the consumer.
  • For the user wanting to study long term trends SWV provides data going back to 2003 for ophthalmic lenses and 2011 for ophthalmic frames.

Pricing and order:

  • The price of the complete study is €18,500. Regional chapters are available on demand. To order the study or chapters send an email to or call +49 89 127 108 22.
  • In case more detail on the study is required we invite you to download the detailed study presentation, which includes a description of methodology and deliverables - by filling out the form.

Founded in 2001, SWV Strategy with Vision Management GmbH is a privately owned optical consultancy and market research company, specialising in the optical industry. In this report you will find the information referred to above broken down by country.

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