Taking a long stride towards sustainability, Wingram, a Hong Kong-based bioplastics company, has developed the next generation of acetate – an “Acetate 2.0,” if you will. BioAcetate S70 is a seamless blend of science and sustainability, a paradigm shift in materials science and manufacturing for the global eyewear industry.

S70 Pellets #3 Small Size[93]

Source: Wingram

Using biobased resources for eyewear

Wingram’s commitment to sustainability and expertise in bioplastics reflects an overall mission to foster a harmonious coexistence with the planet. With BioAcetate S70 it has come forth wit a solution to the problems of traditional acetates, presenting a material that not only champions eco-friendly practices but also performs exceptionally.

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Source: Wingram

The vision: Navigating the eyewear industry toward sustainability

BioAcetate S70 is setting out to change the eyewear industry’s trajectory, steering it towards a more sustainable future. With a focus on superior performance and eco-friendly benefits, this revolutionary material offers a way to avoid the drawbacks of traditional acetates.

BioAcetate S70 Pellets[18]

Source: Wingram

BioAcetate S70 pellets

Performance benefits: Redefining performance and stability in eyewear design

  1. Hardness Enhanced CA (HECA) properties: Frames made from BioAcetate S70 exhibit enhanced hardness without being brittle, allowing for more stable and thinner designs (as little as 1.5mm) and striking a perfect balance between flexibility and stability.
  2. Compatibility with all lens types: From AC to PC lenses, BioAcetate S70 proves versatile, offering compatibility with all lens materials.
  3. Protection against deformity: BioAcetate S70 significantly improves the 4-point balance of eyewear by mitigating the deformities inherent in many softer traditional acetates.
  4. Versatile frame options: The same material can be used for various applications. Whether in traditional injection frames, injection acetate frames or handmade acetate frames, BioAcetate S70 ensures flexibility in the application without compromising performance.
  5. Superior surface finishing: The material’s superior surface finishing not only simplifies and makes processing more efficient but also results in a better end product for consumers.
  6. Bio-friendly hardness: The incorporation of Hardness Enhanced CA (HECA) properties in all frames made from BioAcetate S70 ensures durability and stability without brittleness, for an enhanced final product.

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Source: Wingram

Eco-benefits: Championing sustainability through rigorous science

  1. ISCC+ sustainability carbon certification: BioAcetate S70 proudly carries ISCC+ sustainability carbon certification, thanks to its commitment to environmentally responsible practices.
  2. 62% biobased content: According to ASTM-D6866, BioAcetate S70 is composed of 62 percent biobased content, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and unsustainable resources.
  3. Full biodegradability: Compliant with ISO-14855, BioAcetate S70 is determined to be fully biodegradable, minimizing environmental impact and contributing to a circular economy.
  4. Biocompatibility and non-skin sensitizing: Meeting the ISO-10993 standards, BioAcetate S70 ensures biocompatibility and is non-skin sensitizing, for wearer comfort, harmony and safety.
  5. Free of harmful chemicals: In keeping with Wingram’s commitment to health and safety, BioAcetate S70 is free from harsh chemicals, such as DEP and BPA, and has passed stringent tests and safety standards, such as REACH and RoHS.

More than just a new material, BioAcetate S70 can catalyze positive change in the eyewear industry. By combining sustainability and performance, it can smoothe the way to a responsible and eco-friendly future.

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