The organizers of the Milan show report an increase of 8.7 percent in the number of visitors to its 45th edition, ended on March 2. They reached a record level of 49,000, and 56 percent of them came from outside Italy. Almost everybody registered for the show online before coming over.

Stressing that the final figures are not yet available, show officials indicated that the number of Italian visitors went up by more than 11 percent. They and the foreign visitors responded positively to a new international communication campaign and a number of improvements including the closeness of the pavilions to the subway and their more user-friendly layout.

Made up of four people led by Francesco Gilli, a long-time executive of Mido and Anfao, the Italian optical industry association, the creative team of the fair came up with some clever ideas that attracted a larger number of exhibitors, including 150 newcomers and big industry players such as Hoya, Zeiss and Seiko who had stayed out of the event previously. Many exhibitors and visitors praised the more judicious allocation of the floor space and the new design of the ophthalmic lens area and the Design Lab with its new Lab Academy area, adding to the work previously done on the Fashion District.

Dispelling a rumor that circulated at the show, Mido officials stressed that they had not granted any discounts to any exhibitors. Mido is one of the first 26 Italian trade fairs that have been selected by the Italian government to benefit from new aid from the Italian government to promote “made in Italy” products, but the officials said it was used to invite more than 130 foreign buyers and 40 foreign journalists to the fair through the local embassies.

Blackfin, the fast-growing brand of colorful titanium eyewear developed by Pramaor, got the prize for the best stand at the show. It required a lot of craftsmanship to put it together. An international jury awarded Mido's prize for the best store to the Leidmann eyewear center in Munich.