A new campaign launched by two groups in the U.S. is set to dispel misinformation to consumers and raise public awareness. It is led by the Foundation for Eye Health Awareness and the Think About Your Eyes Coalition, a group that Essilor, Luxottica Group and VSP Global are going to officially form in the second quarter. The coalition is putting about $30 million into the new campaign, which is to run for two years, providing a unified message from the industry to American consumers. It started with a test market in Texas but is kicking off officially in nine major U.S. markets, with major events planned in New York in May, Chicago in July and the West Coast later this year. A new Think About Your Eyes website that has just launched directs patients to eye care professionals who are customers of the three major companies in the coalition. The coalition will dissolve once the campaign has gotten a foothold, and the Foundation for Eye Health Awareness will then take over running it. In the meantime, the coalition will also run its own campaign on the importance of eye exams, including TV, radio, online and social media marketing, stressing the improved quality of life that comes with better vision. Other major players are invited to join the group.