A new line of Spalding branded sportswear will be launched at Silmo by Platinum, a new Italian company born near Treviso from the spoils of two smaller firms, Stilottica and Lastes. Stilottica, which had the Spalding license previously, was manufacturing metallic frames for such big clients as Fielmann and Rodenstock. Lastes specialized in acetate frames. The company was set up in 1999 by Lucien Lorenzon, a financier who had been charged by a merchant bank of salvaging these and other local firms. As the bank didn't like his project, Lorenzon leased the factories of the two firms and hired back about 20 employees to handle pending orders and develop their business. The new company has two other eyewear brands, La Maison Blue and Pal Zileri. It's targeting sales of 3.2 billion lire (e1.6m-$1.4m) in 2001.