A new study published in this month's Lancet, the medical journal, founs that a shocking 90 percent of young people in Asia have myopia, compared with 20 percent of Asians in previous generations. The rate of myopia is riding worldwide; in Europe, 40 percent of young adults have the condition, compared with 20 percent just a decade ago. One possible reason for the increase, especially in Asia, is a tougher educational environment that necessitates more reading and studying, and provides for less outdoor leisure time. Sun exposure in particular seemed to be important in staving off the condition. In Singapore, where students spent only half an hour a day outside in natural light, 90 percent had myopia. In Australia, where youngsters were outside for three hours per days, the incidence rate was just 10 percent. In Europe, the increase could be a combination of less outdoor time and more time spend playing video games and on the computer. The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Canberra in Australia.