A new ?super district? in the Veneto region will forge strong links between the eyewear producers of Italy's Belluno region and the footwear manufacturers of the Brenta River area. The objectives are to conquer new markets in the Far East, to gain strength in the USA and to launch a new form of promotion that could end up involving the region's entire fashion industry, based on the ?total look? concept. The agreement was signed between SIPAO, the eyewear section of the Belluno industrial association, which weighs in at 650 firms with a total turnover of €1,510 million in 2003, and ACRIB, the footwear manufacturers' association for the Brenta River area, with 927 firms and a turnover of €1,698 million. Among the terms of the agreement, footwear and eyewear will be promoted and showcased using mutual resources, which includes the sharing of ACRIB's collective showrooms in Beijing and New York. ACRIB and SIPAO will cooperate with local authorities to get their products promoted among tourists, with Venice as the home of footwear and the Dolomite region around Belluno serving the same function for eyewear. ACRIB and SIPAO will also join forces to work on training, research, quality control and corporate strategy.