The first pair of a limited edition of Moonwalker Zero G sunglasses – serial number 001 – produced by Revo has been sold at an auction for $1,650. The auction ended at 3:58 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) on Nov. 24: the to-the-minute 50th anniversary of Apollo 12's blast-off from the moon for its return to Earth.

Aboard that space flight 50 years ago was Captain Charles “Pete” Conrad, Revo's original brand ambassador, who was the third man to walk on the moon. All proceeds from the auction are going to the Conrad Foundation, which fosters education in science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Moonwalker Zero G recreates Conrad's original model of sunglasses with new materials, such as lightweight titanium, a two-tone chrome finish, hand-made, dual-color acetate temples and shatterproof Serilium+ lenses.

The production run of 500 numbered pieces, priced at $499 apiece, sold out in weeks at optical shops and specialty boutiques around the world and at such museums in the U.S. as the Kennedy Space Center and The Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum.

Revo also sponsored the Apollo 50th Gala, commemorating the launch of Apollo 11, on July 16 at the Kennedy Space Center's Apollo Saturn V Center.

The Moonwalker project was developed in partnership with Gabor Kerezturi as part of the relaunch of the Revo brand. The former Hungarian optical retailer became responsible for product development and sales in the EMEA region one year ago (EWI Vol. 19 N° 16+17 of Dec. 27, 2018).

Last year, Revo partnered with Bear Grylls, a British adventurer and television personality, on a capsule line of sunglasses for active people fitted with the brand's nearly indestructible lenses. An entire collection developed in partnership with a major American brand is in the pipeline for next year to mark the 35th anniversary of Revo.

Sales of Revo sunglasses have risen by more than 45 percent to over $10 million so far this year. Revo was recently rated among the fastest-growing travel retail brands at the Heathrow and Gatwick airports near London.

B Robinson has been licensing the brand for eyewear since 2013 from the Sequential Brand Group, which had previously bought it from Luxottica to develop it in other sectors.

Revo produces fully polarized sunglasses with its proprietary Light Management System, first developed by NASA to protect satellites from solar radiation.