A short-sighted woman in the U.K. is suing Optical Express, the British optical retail chain that also offers laser surgery, claiming that laser surgery ruined her dream of becoming a policewoman. According to a report in The Mail Online, Stephanie Holloway, 28, spent £2,900 (€3,716-$4,728) to correct her myopia in an effort to become a police officer, but the laser procedure went wrong, leaving her so sensitive to light that she has to wear sunglasses in the shower, it was claimed. Holloway is suing both DMC Optical, the company behind Optical Express, and the surgeon who carried out the operation. Her lawyers value her damages for pain, suffering and loss of earnings at £1 million (€1.28m-$1.63m). Optical Express has been accused of using hard sell tactics on patients considering laser eye surgery while Optical Express' legal representatives told the court that Holloway was clearly warned by the surgeon about the risks associated with her type of eyes.