A spreadsheet supplied by SILMO details the 11.84 percent in the number of non-French visitors who attended last October's session, reaching a total of 19,159 persons. The biggest contingent came from Belgium, with 1,665 people or 16.87 percent more than in the previous year, followed by Germany with 1,565 persons (+27.03%), Italy with 1,460 persons (+11.57%) and the Netherlands with just about 1,200 (+30.43%). The turnout from Russia rose by 53.67 percent to 461 persons, just ahead of Canada, which had a 15.22 percent increase, but the US contingent declined by 3.10 percent to 718. Brazil was up 25.61 percent to 206 people. Turning to Asia, China and Japan showed decreases of 19.69 and 15.92 percent, respectively, coming behind Korea, which fell by 6.57 percent to 526 attendees, and behind Hong Kong, which was up by 105.56 percent to 370.