After several years of steady growth, the French optical market went down to a total value of €6.5 billion in 2017 according to GFK, representing a 1.4% drop as compared to the previous year. Except for optical frames that inched up by 0.2%, all product categories declined in value. Sunglasses were down by 0.7%, contact lenses by 0.3% and contact lenses' solutions by 3.4%. However, the main factor for the general slip was a 2.3% decline in the value of the lenses' market. This segment that represents 60% of the total market value went down by 1.4% in volume at 38 million pieces and by 0.8% in value at €140 per piece. The drop was even bigger for progressive lenses, as the average price went down by 2.2% to €224. The average consumer price for the combination of frames and lenses went up by €2 to €287 for single-vision glasses, but down by €8 to €570 for glasses with progressive lenses. The retail sector is starting to feel the pinch with a decline in the number of stores of 138 to a total of 12,342, and an average store annual revenue declining from €582,000 to €526,000.