Alain Afflelou has mandated two banks, Société Générale from France and Citibank from the U.S., to work on its possible reintroduction on the stock exchange. It would take place at the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012 if market conditions are right and the company is not sold to other interests in the meantime. According to company officials, the French optical retail group has not yet received any expressions of interest in this regard from another group or from institutional investors. Afflelou's current shareholders are reportedly looking at a valuation of around €700 million for the company, whose retail sales reached €752 million in 2010, including those of its franchisees. Bridgepoint, which is also the controlling shareholder of Rodenstock, owns 56 percent of Afflelou, Apax Partners 20 percent and the management the balance.