Alcon, a division of Novartis, has entered into a strategic alliance with PowerVision to bring fluid-based accommodating intraocular lenses (IOL) to the market. PowerVision has developed an accommodating IOL (AIOL) which has the ability to change focus via a fluid-driven shape-changing technology. The AIOL is suitable for cataract patients who also suffer from presbyopia. The technology exploits the eye's accommodating muscles to carry fluid in the IOL which is implanted in the eye's capsular bag. Currently, most of the IOLs that are used to treat presbyopia are multifocal. By utilizing the natural contraction of the eye's muscle to actively focus on close objects, AIOLs are said to provide patients with a continuous range of vision. Under the terms of the alliance, Alcon will support PowerVision by funding further development and clinical trials of this technology, and has the option to acquire the company.