Alice Mahon, the former member of the British Parliament who was threatening legal action against her local health trust for refusing to fund the Lucentis drug to treat her age-related macular degeneration (AMD), has dropped her case. Mahon lost the sight in one eye due to AMD and vowed to take her case to the High Court to force the Calderdale Primary Care Trust to fund Lucentis. In drug trials, Lucentis had been shown to stabilize or improve conditions related to AMD. Mahon's eyesight has since worsened and she has been advised that Lucentis is no longer a viable option for her, but she has pledged to continue campaigning for other AMD sufferers. The trust said that it had reconsidered ?exceptional? cases that it had rejected last November since Lucentis gained its license earlier this year. It has agreed to fund the drug ?for patients for whom it has been evidenced that this will be an effective treatment? while waiting for guidance from the UK Department of Health.