Allan Comploier has re-established on a new continent the optical firm of his great-great-grandfather, the Prussian engineer August Emil Julius Kohls. The original Kohls, which was founded in 1869 and opened its first laboratory in 1914 in Berlin, ceased production after the First World War. The new one, Óticas Kohls, is betting on Brazil and plans to open its first shop in São Paulo in August, with eight franchises to follow by the end of the year. According to Top Franquias, the Brazilian web portal for franchises, Kohls is expecting each franchise to generate monthly revenues of 150,000 to 800,000 reais (€34,000-$38,000 to €181,000-$203,000). The glasses on sale will be made by the firm itself and entirely with German equipment. More than 2,000 frame models will be available, all priced at 800 reais (€181-$203) regardless of material. The stores will have their own laboratories for lenses, which will be priced by kind. Lenses of all but the strongest prescriptions should be ready within an hour.