Allergan has reported sales of $3.6 billion for the first quarter ended March 31, up by 5 percent compared with the same quarter a year ago. The company said the increase was mainly driven by a strong performance in eyecare products, facial aesthetics and Botox therapeutic. Adjusted operating earnings from continuing operations declined by 7 percent to $1.6 billion due to higher operating expenses, according to the company. In the eyecare business segment in the U.S. market, sales increased by 3.8 percent to $553.1 million, with growth led in part by Restasis, which posted a 3 percent sales increase to $308.8 million. The glaucoma franchise saw a modest decline, with Alphagan/Combigan revenues flat at $86.4 million. Lumigan/Gandort revenues of $74.3 million were down by 9 percent versus the first quarter a year ago due to lower demand and trade buying patterns. Sales of Ozurdex jumped by 16 percent to $22.5 million, driven by continued strong demand from the diabetic macular edema indication.