Rh+ has discovered an interesting new market – the urban cyclists who use a bike regularly and seriously to get around the city. Lifted by the new and fast-growing category of electric bicycles, this market is growing for at least two reasons: firstly, because of heavy urban traffic congestion, and secondly, because maintaining a car has become too expensive. The recession has also weighed heavily on municipal budgets, making it difficult for them to increase their public transport networks.

Rh+ is a specialist brand of sportswear and accessories owned by Zero Industry. Like Allison, it belongs to Paladin Capital Group. The idea was to produce eyewear specifically for urban cyclists, combining Rh+'s technical know-how and experience in sports accessories with Allison's fashion expertise. Allison will be producing the range, which will be marketed under the Urban rh+ name. The collection has been developed by a team of technical experts specialized in performance and sports eyewear and a group of designers with a good background in fashion.

The frames are made of Hilex, an exclusive, ultra-light elastic, plastic material, and Memory Form Titanium; the See HD and See Safe lenses are made by NXT. The new line will be showcased at the Silmo show in Paris.

In another new development, Allison will accompany William James Adams - better known as will.i.am – in his eyewear debut. Based in Los Angeles, Adams is a rapper, record producer, designer and actor, founder and producer of the Black Eyed Peas. His latest venture is the launch of a collection of sun and prescription eyewear for men and women, with metal or acetate frames, branded as ill.i Optics and designed by a friend, George Gorrow.

Will.i.am has a global cooperation agreement with Allison for the production and sales of the brand. The conditions of the deal have not been disclosed but apparently it is not a traditional licensing agreement. The ill.i Optics line will be on the market at the end of September.