Allison's good performance was confirmed in the half-year results of IT Holding, the Italian manufacturer's parent company. Eyewear now represents12.7 percent of the holding company's total revenues, up from 9.1 percent. Allison's own turnover grew by 52.9 percent to €44.5 million during the 6-month period ended June 30, putting the company back in profit after a loss of €2.6 million in 2003. More precise details to follow in the results for the full 12-month period. One of the major contributors to Allison's growth was the Ferré brand, which also brought money into the group's apparel division, which represents 86.6 percent of IT Holding's total revenues. The holding company generated turnover of €350.6 million, up by 9.9 percent compared with the same period last year, which would have been 14.5 percent on a constant currency basis excluding activities and brands sold. Operating income before amortization (Ebitda) grew by 12 percent in the 6-month period, while pre-tax profits jumped from €1.3 million to €19.4 million, or 5.5 percent of revenues.