The market for eyewear and eye care in the United States had a slight drop of 0.1 percent in revenues in 2007, VisionWatch, the ongoing survey of U.S. consumers, has found. The volume was $28.578 billion, almost unchanged from $28.603 billion in 2006. Dollar sales of frames and lenses were just as flat, respectively increasing and dropping by 0.4 percent compared with 2006. Non-prescription reading glasses had a rise in sales of 14.2 percent, and contact lenses grew by 3.4 percent for the year ended Dec. 31. Dollar sales of non-prescription sunglasses climbed by 1.6 percent.

An unrelated poll conducted over the internet by Vision Monday found that 75 percent of respondents were taking action to combat adverse effects on their businesses caused by the USA's economic problems. Of all the respondents, 25 percent said they were trying to create new ways to bring in new patients; 25 percent were using promotions and discounts to increase traffic; and 19 percent are concentrating increased marketing and advertising. Another 6 percent were changing their offerings. One-quarter of the respondents said the economic climate was not affecting their business.