Essilor has set up a new business unit, Essilor Sun Solution, offering a vast range of plano and prescription sun lenses produced in partnership by BNL Eurolens and Intercast Europe. Both companies are leading players in the sun lens market that belong to the Essilor group.

Presented at the recent Mido show in Milan, the range has now a dedicated website and a distinctive logo. It features five main categories of lenses: Sport & Performance, Protection, Fashion & Lifestyle, Vision and Prescription.

The choice of the best solution is based on the specific needs of the client – typically a sunglass designer or a manufacturer. The lenses may be made with Intercast's proprietary NXT material, polycarbonate, CR-39 or AXP nylon, in traditional or customized colors.

The specifications may include additional enhancements: they may be photochromic or polarized, with melanin or Vision technology. The latter has built-in light management technology that improves the wearer's perception of color.

The lenses are also available as prescription sunwear. Some of the lenses in the range are made in Italy for fashion eyewear collections, using trendy colors and coatings that enhance the aesthetic effect.

Essilor Sun Solution makes use of production facilities in Europe and Asia, and of three main logistics centers in France, Italy and Hong Kong. The global sales team includes Angus NG and Pam Lau in Asia; Francesco Pellegrini, Marco Vergani and Alberto Monaci in Europe; and Mindy Nida in the U.S.

The new business unit is headed up by Eric Thoreaux, president of sun, readers and photochromics at Essilor. Christophe Mayet, former sales and marketing director of BNL and - subsequently - global marketing director of BNL and Intercast, acts as vice president of marketing.