Carl Zeiss Vision has launched an interesting training program in Italy's main cities with Ottici Associati, an 20-year-old service network. Starting with a session in Genoa in January,  Zeiss' marketing team has been making its know-how available to the 400-odd opticians affiliated with the Italian group in an original way, using communication tools such as a “traveler's tale,” which consists of interviews with Italian consumers.

The idea is to involve the opticians in a training course that places the consumer at the center of the communication and purchasing process. The opticians are invited to participate in a discussion inspired by the World Cafe experience – a technique based on the function of the original café culture, creating an ambience that invites participants to discuss any subjects in a free and open manner.

With the aim of encouraging a virtuous circle of communication and interaction between the optical centers and end consumers, Zeiss and Ottici Associati have prepared a series of initiatives, promotional material and professional services specifically reserved for the members, offering also the possibility of developing territorial marketing operations aimed at raising awareness and getting customers involved.