Aspex Eyewear Group has bought a majority stake in Adlens Beacon from Warburg Pincus for an undisclosed sum. Founded in 2007, Adlens Beacon develops adjustable spectacle lens technology for nonprescription reading glasses. It uses a patented fluid-based technology for full adjustability. Aspex says it plans to market its products in Europe. Adlens Beacon's operations are being moved from Iselin, New Jersey to Aspex' office in Florida. Adlens Beacon is not affiliated with a British company, Adlens, which recently established its own global headquarters in Oxford, but Aspex is exploring a change in the name of the acquired business to avoid any confusion. The British company has a minority share in the U.S. company. Some of the persons who set up Adlens Beacon had ties to the British firm.