Bausch & Lomb and CIBA Vision have finally buried the hatchet in their legal disputes over the patent rights related to the use of silicone hydrogel materials in their contact lenses. Under the final settlement, the two companies will cross-license their respective rights in this field and B&L will pay a royalty to CIBA Vision on sales of its own PureVision lenses, whose manufacture and sale in the USA was banned by a federal court in 2002. CIBA Vision, which continues to sell its rival Focus Night & Day lenses worldwide, will get royalties from B&L on net sales of PureVision lenses in the USA until 2014 and on their sale in other countries until 2016. B&L has been manufacturing its lenses in Ireland but it will be able to make them also in the USA after the Harvey patent expires on Apr. 27, 2005. The settlement puts an end to the legal proceedings in three US courts and in other courts in Germany, Ireland, the European Patent Office and Australia.