Bausch+Lomb has acquired an exclusive global license to a new technology for the treatment of ocular redness, one of the most common ophtalmological conditions, affecting millions of people worldwide. Licensed from Eye Therapies, a biopharmaceutical company, and developed in collaboration with Ora, a private research organization, the technology employs a low dose of brimonidine, described as a different mechanism of action to relieve ocular redness compared with the currently available redness relief products. The new low-dose brimonidine formulation is supposed to provide greater microvessel constriction at mucosal surfaces and is thought to retain better blood flow from larger feeder vessels. Ocular redness, or hyperemia, can be triggered by a large number of factors including contact lens wearing, allergies, dry eye, lifestyle and environmental factors, or side effects from medications. It carries both reduced quality of life and negative social connotations, as it is commonly associated with poor physical condition.