BBGR, a fully owned subsidiary of Essilor International in France, is launching Evolis, a new line of progressive lenses that takes into account certain basic individual characteristics. Without going as far as the custom-made approach of Rodenstock or Zeiss, Evolis introduces new specific progression lengths and profiles and optimized zones of vision to meet the specific needs of myopes, slight ametropic wearers and hyperopes.

The new line, which has involved also the development of new moulds and of new injection and casting processes, follows 6 years of research, development and testing. Among the indirect benefits of this approach, myopic presbyopes and slightly ametropic wearers will be able to choose small or large frames for the same lens, and hyperopic presbyopes will be able to wear thinner lenses.

BBGR's new Evolis lenses will initially be available in white and photochromic polycarbonate and organic 1.5-index versions. An organic model with an index of 1.67 will be introduced soon.

With a turnover of 137 million euros and deliveries of 20 million lenses last year, BBGR ranks as the second-largest supplier of lenses in France and the 5th largest in Europe. It claims the 3rd spot in progressive lenses with more than 5 million lenses a year, representing about one-fifth of the European market. The company has two factories in France and employs 1,100 people.