BD8 Ecoplastics of Hong Kong has introduced a new material for eyewear, an eponymous bioplastic that, according to the company, biodegrades entirely into carbon, water and biomass, which are then absorbed by organisms. They can enrich the soil while leaving behind no plastic residue or particles. The stated objective is to reduce pollution from plastic waste around the world. According the company, BD8 is also lightweight, fully transparent, hypoallergenic and durable, with high tensile strength and resistance to impact. It meets optical standards and can take any color, pattern, curve, shape or size. It can also take any coating, and thus provide protection from UV rays. So far, the company is producing two products. The Bio Polybag, which sold three billion units last year, is a plastic bag for eyewear that can biodegrade in five years and is positioned as an alternative to eyewear bags made of oxo-degradable plastic. The other product is the Bio Lens, which will start to biodegrade in the soil in about 10 days and finish in five years.