Court authorities have invited any interested parties to bid for the entire company or parts of it before March 31. They have set Apr. 25 as the date for a decision on any proposals, but these deadlines may be postponed if current negotiations with potential investors show some progress soon. Berthet-Bondet was placed in receivership last Oct. 31, with 6 months to come up with a viable financial reorganization plan.

The French company has two major activities ? the sale of fashionable branded eyewear under license, including such names as Thierry Mugler, and the sale of unbranded sunglasses and other eyewear in the mass market. Quoted on the Euronext Paris stock exchange, Berthet-Bondet had a net loss of e2,848,188 in the year ended last Aug. 31 on 11.5 percent lower revenues of e16,460,000. A similar loss is budgeted for the current year.

In spite of its serious financial situation, Berthet-Bondet has kept its staff of about 150 employees nearly intact, without any major layoffs, carrying out business as usual.