International Vision Expo East, being held on March 19-21, reports that more than 15,200 visitors have pre-registered, about the same as last year. Organizers say that, typically, more than half of all attendees register in the six weeks before the show.

The Italian Trade Commission (ICE) and Anfao will be putting on an exhibition about the history of eyeglasses in Grand Central Terminal in New York between March 19 and 24, coinciding with the International Vision Expo fair. The exhibit, called ?Eyewear from the Beginning to the Future,? looks at eyewear made in Italy and goes back to the 13th century. The display was designed by the architect Georgio Borruso.

Other initiatives are being coordinated by The Vision Council during the fair to educate consumers and the media about eyewear fashion trends as well as innovations in eye care and eyewear technology. Still at Grand Central station, models will show to consumers that eyewear can portray different aspects of one's personality, and the viewers will be invited to participate in a survey to win a pair of sunglasses.

The programs also include the Vision Council's annual press event and a presentations of eyewear trends at Grand Central station and on the TVs in taxicabs affiliated with the ABC network on March 18-20.