Because of the sluggish state of the domestic market in recent years, Blackfin's strategy has been to concentrate more strongly on its development abroad.

Its leading markets are now Germany, Italy and the U.S., in that order, together representing 60 percent of total sales. For this company, known for its titanium frames made in Italy, the Italian market has been generating only about 20 percent of its revenues.

With internal consumption gaining ground again, the company has focused this year's marketing efforts on Italy, and the initial results have proved the effectiveness of the strategy, with a 30 percent increase in the first six months of this year.

Blackfin's total revenues went up by around 37 percent to €5.8 million during the first half of 2017, making €10 million a realistic objective for the full year. Effective cost control helped put Ebitda at between 25 and 26 percent of revenues.

The profits have been invested in new, high performance machinery and an extension of the existing production facilities in Agordo.

The continued strong growth of Pramaor, the group to which Blackfin belongs, has led it to hire a chief operating officer, Ivo Benvegnú, to help its young chief executive, Nicola Del Din.