Boots Opticians has been sanctioned by the General Optical Council (GOC) in the U.K. for unsubstantiated claims about its blue light filtering lenses. In a decision published on May 26, the health and social care regulator found that there was potential for patients to be misled by a commercial that was published in The Times in January 2015, which contained overstated claims about blue light and the benefits of Boots Protect Plus Blue (BPPB) lenses. The regulatory organization has imposed a fine of £40,000 (€45,196-$51,132), to be paid by Boots within 30 days. In its ruling, the GOC determined that Boots “failed to obtain sufficient evidence” to justify its claim that “there is a direct link between harmful blue light and retinal damage over time.” The ad included claims that blue light from LED TVs, smartphones and energy saving light bulbs cause damage to retinal cells over time. To determine the amount of the fine, the GOC said it recognized that full admissions were made by Boots Opticians, regret was expressed and some remedial steps were taken to address the issue. More importantly, there was no risk of clinical harm to patients, the GOP stated. The BPPB lenses are no longer sold by Boots.