Matthieu Clodong is the new managing director of Bourgeois. A 30-year-old management consultant who has been working on the reorganization of the French firm as an employee of Deloitte & Touche, Clodong will take over the post left vacant by the abrupt departure of Philippe Castilla at the end of last year. Clodong will concentrate on general administration and logistics, allowing Charlie Bourgeois to concentrate again on product development and design.

Bourgois, which plans to come out with its own polycarbonate and photochromic lenses at the next Silmo fair, has basically decided to lay off about 50 employees who have been manufacturing its own frames, and to get some of its own eyewear models made offshore. It will keep about 80 workers specializing in the finishing of plastic lenses and in the manufacture of hand-made products.

The company has already made provisions for the redundancies in its 2000 accounts, which will show a loss. Losses are expected also for 2001, but Bourgeois has very little net debt, and it expects to go back to profits in 2002.