, a family-run online and offline retailer of prescription eyewear in Germany, is allowing consumer to pay for their glasses in monthly installments. By signing a 24-months contract with any of the 650 opticians affiliated with the group in Germany, they are able to get glasses with progressive lenses for €14 per month and glasses with single-vision lenses for €6.50 per month. Customers can select glasses from the full product line. The contract ends automatically after 24 months. The German multi-channel provider recorded sales of €70 million in 2016. Since 2013, the number of partner opticians increased from 72 to 650, while the number of employees grew from 26 to 80 and total sales rose from €1 million to €70 million. expects to reach total sales of €100 million in 2017.The company is currently building new headquarters at Königs Wusterhausen, near Berlin.