Eagle Eyewear, the American company that manages the John Lennon brand of eyewear named after the famous member of the Beatles, has decided to expand its presence in Europe. Over the past eight years the brand was distributed by a company called IFC, but from 2011 the European sublicense has been given to Denis Buffard of Folomi, who has started up a new company, Lun'Art, for the exclusive development and distribution of John Lennon eyewear for the European market. Lun'Art is located in the Juras, France's main eyewear district. Folomi already has the license for the Axebo and Laguiole brands.

Eagle Eyewear has organized the international distribution into three sectors: the U.S. market thorugh a sublicense called Ocean Optical; Asia with the Japanese sublicensee Edoc; and Europe with Lun'Art. Models are inspired by the shape and style of the glasses worn by the famous British musician.

The next collection ? available on the European market this spring ? will consist of around 20 models, retailing at €200 a pair. The collection includes both prescription and sun eyewear, and will be presented to French opticians in February. All the models will be designed in France, and produced both in France and abroad.

Buffard has a business plan but his company declines to disclose details for the moment. He is still looking for distributors and agents in other European countries.

IFC, which will continue to sell its stock of John Lennon models throughout 2011, says it lost the European license because of differences with Eagle Eyewear over the pricing of the collection and the standardization of models for the international market.