Green Vision closed 2008 with a sell-in of around €70 million, more or less flat year on year. Green Vision is the trading name of Consorzio Ottico Italiano, a cooperative of 300 opticians with a total of 540 outlets throughout Italy, operating mainly in the centre and south of the country. Its 2008 results show that the fall in consumption that occurred through the second half of the year didn't seriously affect the group.

Its cooperative status rules out the possibility of centralized invoicing, as the president is himself an optician, and in the case of insolvency the president would find himself taking action against a fellow optician. Members pay an entry fee to join the group, and a small percentage of the discount they get from suppliers also go to Green Vision to finance its operations.

The cooperative uses its resources to invest in consumer advertising and training. Its campaigns, generally on television, are usually done as co-marketing operations with a supplier. Zeiss was the group's partner in its latest campaign. Green Vision has its own house brands for contact lenses and liquids, prescription lenses produced by Zeiss and Sola, and frames retailing at between €50 and €150, manufactured by an Italian firm called Thema.