The acquisition of Nissel by its larger British competitor, Cantor & Silver, has led to the establishment of a new company, Cantor & Nissel, that claims to be probably the largest independent European-based manufacturer of special contact lenses. Besides artificial eyes and a variety of other cosmetic and prosthetic products intended partly for the hospitals and the film industry, its specialties include an innovative tinted lens, which got FDA approval for sale in the USA earlier this week, that uses a patented Chromagen process to help color-blind people to distinguish certain colors.

The merger follows the recent retirement of Andy Chryssolor, who had been running Nissel since the death in 1982 of the latter's founder, George Nissel. Cantor & Silver, a younger British firm that was founded in 1964, has taken over most of Nissel's production facilities, leaving it with a small manufacturing unit for very special products. Cantor & Nissel will not disclose its own turnover, half of which is generated in 52 countries outside the UK. It employs a total of 60 technicians.