Carl Zeiss Vision has appointed Egmont Foth as its new chief information technology officer, overseeing a department filled by about 200 people. He reports to Michael Hoffmann, the new chief executive of CZV appointed at the end of last year, who comes from the data processing industry and who believes strongly in the benefits that computer technology can bring to the business. One of Foth's tasks will be to centralize many operations that are currently decentralized within the company. Foth, 52, had a similar job at another German company, Fischer-Dübel. Meanwhile, Michael Kaske, a member of the Zeiss group responsible for finance, has replaced Arne Frank at the head of CZV's advisory board as Zeiss gears up to take a higher share in the ophthalmic lens company, presently shares on a 50-50 basis with the EQT private equity fund.