Carl Zeiss Vision has launched an update to the Cinemizer video eyewear. The new Cinemizer Plus includes the features of the original one, with high-resolution LCD screens that can be individually focused. The result appears as a virtual 115-centimeter screen 2 meters away. Where the original device had on-ear headphones, the new version lets the user override them, using their own high-end audio equipment if desired. Two additional nose-pad adapters and sliding ear pieces allow for greater comfort, and the new Cinemizer Plus is even designed to be used with iPods with video capability, as well as iPhones. As with the original Cinemizer, the new one allows stereoscopic viewing of 3D content. The Cinemizer Plus will be available to customers in the U.K., Germany and the U.S. starting in April for €399 including VAT. The original Cinemizer, launched last year in Germany, is now also available in the U.K. and the U.S.