Carl Zeiss Vision, which had previously announced that it was ending its lens distribution agreements with the laboratory networks of Essilor of America and Hoya Vision Care, is extending the deadline for Hoya from 30 days to 90 days. Essilor's labs still must stop selling Zeiss lenses within 30 days, while its partner labs, which Essilor owns at 80 percent, have 90 days. The company announced this on June 9. Essilor labs have also been asked to stop making Zeiss anti-reflective coating within 30 days unless specific labs have other, longer-term agreements. Zeiss and Hoya have not decided when Hoya's production of the AR lenses will be halted. Zeiss' 17 labs as well as more than 100 independent wholesale laboratories will still make Zeiss lenses. The company will still honor all of its warranties, and no changes are being made to its distribution agreements for Sola and American Optical.