The Spanish buying group, which has been expanding in Europe, is about to make its entrance on the South American market, starting with Brazil. Cecop is in the process of setting up its own Brazilian organization, and is already open for opticians to join. As one of the major emerging economies along with China and India, Brazil was a strategic choice.

Meanwhile, Italy has become the second-largest national affiliate of Cecop after Spain in terms of membership, and possibly the fastest-growing one. Between 2008 and 2009, an additional 170 Italian opticians joined up, building up to a total of nearly 500 members in the country this June alone. The group has 1,050 Spanish members, 170 in Portugal and 130 in the U.K., taking the total membership to 1,850 European optical outlets.

The management claims to have reaped the benefits of considerable efforts made on the Italian market over the past two years, with a complete overhaul of the membership recruitment system and a new and more efficient logistics center. The new logistic platform will improve service to the opticians, going beyond commercial negotiations, marketing and communication.

Members may also subscribe to an interesting insurance policy against theft and fire, while customers get an insurance certificate entitling them to a free replacement within the same price range of the broken or lost glasses, within 12 months of purchase. Opticians who purchase a minimum of €38,000 worth of goods from the partner suppliers also get a 3 percent refund on the cost of their order.