Ceralp, a French optical retailer with about 31 stores, has joined SAPMM, the buying group belonging to Schertz. Before this new arrival, the group had 26 members with 120 sales outlets. The various cooperatives in the fields of optical and hearing aids that make up Schertz include Luz Optique, Luz Audio, SAPMM and Audition Conseil. As Luz Optique is the largest entity within the group, it is often called Groupe Luz instead of Schertz. Schertz currently has a total of 1,320 sales points, of which 1,200 are part of the Luz group. In the year to Jan. 1, 2013, these outlets generated sales of €152 million. In addition to its usual activities, Ceralp will provide a number of services to the Schertz group: for example, centralizing contact lens orders and training.