Certottica, the Italian certification institute for optical and other industrial products, has announced positive results for the year 2007, with turnover up by 13 percent year-on-year to €2,409,750 and net profit of €71,453. Among the institute's activities, product testing and certification were among the best performers, generating revenues of €836,426, or 2 percent more than in 2006. Requests for certification come to the institute primarily from Italian customers, which represent 75 percent of the total turnover. The rest of Europe follows with 16 percent and the USA with 2 percent. In 2007, the number of orders increased by 29 percent, test reports by 33 percent and certifications by 65 percent. Alongside Certottica's regular customer base, there is a growing number of new industrial clients that want to check the conformity of imported items with European norms, in the face of increasingly strict controls by customs authorities.