Children are at the center of an Italian initiative to protect and foster eyesight. From the beginning of the current school year, Federottica and Albo, members of the Italian Optometric Opticians' Association, have launched a campaign to help parents and primary school teachers to provide the best possible conditions to encourage good vision for children. The work of Federottica's scientific division, the initiative is designed to respond to the increasing concern of the schools to introduce a serious, full-fledged prevention program to combat the bad habits children fall into in the classroom, which can result in serious eye strain. Recent research shows that 20 percent of pupils have eyesight problems that prove detrimental to their schoolwork; 50 percent of the teachers questioned regret the lack of any real prevention initiatives; 85 percent of teachers complain about a total lack of information on issues relating to health and prevention; and 95 percent of teachers would like their schools to provide a complete and efficient service in these domains.