Ciba Vision is launching later this Fall O2Optix, a new lens in silicone hydrogel intended to supply five times more oxygen than soft contact lenses as part of its current range of silicone hydrogel lenses. The lenses carry 33 percent water content and their surface treatment is designed to ensure surface moisture, making them comfortable and resistant to deposits and bacterial growth. The high level of oxygen in O2Optix will make wearers' eyes appear whiter and brighter and allow them to wear lenses for more hours each day, says CIBA Vision. Increased oxygen is also believed to reduce symptoms and signs of corneal stress, corneal edema and staining, dryness, neovascularization and foggy vision. According to Ostrem, Fink and Hill, a Dk/t value of at least 90 is needed to avoid hypoxic stress of the cornea, while O2Optix offers oxygen transmissibility of 138 Dk/t @ - 3.00D. O2Optix will initially be available with 8.6mm base curves and spherical strengths from ?1.00 to 6.00D, with the range set to be extended next year.