CIBA Vision is switching back to its ?rub and rinse? recommendation for lens care and is updating its in-pack instructions and packaging across its range of lens solutions accordingly. The decision has the unanimous support from professionals eager for the company to remove its ?no rub? recommendation. CIBA Vision said that it believed the updated instructions for use will help to further support eye care professionals and help promote better patient compliance. The new instructions and product packaging recommend a pre-rinse prior to a disinfecting soak with AoSept Plus, and a rub, rinse and soak regime for Focus Aqua. The move follows the advice to U.S. contact lens wearers to rub and rinse their lenses as part of the cleaning procedure, following the worldwide recall of Complete MoisturePlus. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, all contact lens wearers should incorporate a rub-and-rinse cleaning step. Similarly, the American Optometric Association advised optometrists to recommend their patients to rub their lenses regardless of the solution used. More information is available from