Club OpticLibre, the French voluntary group of opticians, has filed a lawsuit against Kalivia, a big French network of mutual funds, alleging anti-competitive behavior on the occasion of its latest call for proposals. On March 17, 2016, Kalivia launched a call for proposals to renew its network of partner opticians for 2016-2019. According to Club OpticLibre, another voluntary group, Centrale des Opticiens (CDO) invited its members to a meeting on April 18 in view of an application for Kalivia's call for proposals. The meeting allegedly took place in the presence of an operational director of Kalivia. In addition, Club OpticLibre alleges that inside information was orally communicated to the participants in that meeting about Kalivia's expectations and evaluation methods in the tender. Club OpticLibre is requesting the launch of a new transparent and non-discriminatory call for proposals. Kalivia has denied the charges related to the communication of privileged information, although the club says it has factual evidence to this effect.