Coburn Technologies, formerly Gerber Coburn, has appointed a new management team following the sale in December of the company by the conglomerate Gerber Scientific. As we have previously announced, Gerber Coburn was sold to Coburn Technologies, a new company controlled by Edward Jepsen, a former Gerber Scientic board member, Alex Incera, the former president of Gerber Coburn, and Wayne Labrecque, the former vice president of sales of Gerber Coburn.

Incera is now president of Coburn Technologies and Labrecque vice president of sales for the Americas and Europe. Others have been appointed to the management team recently:

- Curt Brey has been appointed vice president of marketing and business development. Brey worked with Gerber Coburn from 1994 to 1999 and held several senior marketing positions in global companies including Pitney Bowes.

- Michael Dolen has been named vice president of human resources. He previously served as vice present of human resources for Gerber Scientific. T

- - Tom Smith has been hired as vice president of finance. He previously served as chief financial officer of Lydall and held several senior level finance positions in global companies including Carrier Corp.

- Steve Bedford has become executive director of engineering. Bedford previously served as director of engineering for Gerber Coburn and was development leader for several of its latest technologies.

- Nick Coppola has been appointed executive director of service. He previously worked as director of customer service operations, Americas for Gerber Scientific.

- Dan Hobbs has been hired as executive director of operations. He previously served as director of manufacturing for Zygo Corp.

- Ram Narayanan has been appointed executive director of sales, Asia, Middle East, and Africa. He was previously Asia sales manager for Gerber Coburn.