Commissione Difesa Vista (CDV), the Italian organization that promotes vision and eye health, has become a “Non-profit Organization of Social Utility” (ONLUS), a formal step to mark the organization's social commitment in its field of action. CDV's founding members represent various categories concerned with vision and eye health, and include: AIMO – Associazione Italiana Medici Oculisti, ANFAO – National Association for Eyewear Manufacturers, Assogruppi Ottica – Assottica Gruppo Contattologia, and Federottica. The new non-profit organization targets social and socio-medical services for the prevention of eyesight diseases, disorders and disability, working primarily in favor of disadvantaged people. CDV will be proposing free vision screenings as well as awareness-raising campaigns for eyesight protection that are supposed to enhance individual and collective knowledge in the more vulnerable about the consequences of not taking preventive measures. CDV will also collaborate with public and private entities, including schools of all types and levels.